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Like all the ways led in the past to Rome so all the ways lead in Barlinek to the Main Square. In the gap adjoined from western side streets you can see towering high hill. Its top overlooks the town and there are erected two buildings: a new one and an old one. Both are houses belonging to Barlinecki Ośrodek Kultury/ BOK/, which after beautiful view received the name Panorama. The Old Building used to be a famous in Lasker’s times restaurant, new one is a modern, built in 70-ties concert hall.

BOK is the centre of cultural life of Barlinek. Every day the artist and people who love arts like poetry, dance, and music meet there. After all BOK organizes international and national artistic enterprises like: Theater Summer, presentations, performances, shows exhibitions and painters workshops. Bounds of Barlinek and Grand Master are accented by performed since 1992 International Chess Festivals commemorating memory of Emanuel Lasker. His home with built-in in 2001 commemorative board stands near the hill, at Chmielna 7 Street.

Kazimierz Hoffmann

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