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The „Barlineckie Bobrusie” Club (the word “bobrusie” derives from old Polish “bobrować” meaning search, rummage, go through, discover) was established on 18 March 2005. The ceremony was held in the Regional Museum in Barlinek and the Club was thereby set up by Mr. Jerzy Winsze, director of the Szczecin Regional Department of the Polish Tourist Country-Lovers’ Society, and Mr. Zygmunt Siarkiewicz, Mayor of Barlinek Town and Commune.

The Club has its good spirit – it is the Club’s member Romana Kaszczyc, the author of its logo. The Club is seated in Barlinek’s Tourist Information Centre.


The Board:
President – Grzegorz Przybylski
Treasurer – Kazimiera Kubiak
Secretary – Katarzyna Mielcarek
Board Members – Marianna Lang, Jerzy Wawrzyniak

Active members: Bożena Rudnicka, Elżbieta Konowalska, Małgorzata Kozar, Anna Łechtańska

“It is a disgrace not to know your homeland – so delightful is Poland in wintery whiteness, in light green flowered spring, in golden summer and abundant autumn; so spectacular in the mountains and on plains, in forests and on fields and meadows: beautiful in towns and villages.” Aleksander Janowski

All those who love nature, are curious about our region and its beauty spots and ready for adventure are invited to join in!

Photographic record of the “Barlineckie Bobrusie” Club:

1. We are creating a new tourist trail – A Blue Legend Trail



2. We have other Clubs staying in Barlinek on expeditions

3. Our expeditions to fascinating places – we are making a record of interesting places in our Commune

4. We are leading a trek and a bike tour to inaugurate another tourist season – summer of 2006
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